Using Choropleth

Using Choropleth

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APAC Singapore - Virtual Jan 14


This three-hour course is designed for power users who want to use data to generate dynamic shading on maps and custom Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) images. It focuses on the specific data, components and formatting required to apply data to a geographic or custom vector map.


  • Mapping Data
  • Adding a Choropleth Map
  • Custom Choropleth



3 hours


Topic 1 – Mapping Data

  • Name types of maps available
  • Define cluster map requirements
  • Use the iplocation and geostats commands
  • Create a cluster map

Topic 2 – Adding a Choropleth Map

  • Describe choropleth map requirements
  • Use the geom command
  • Create a choropleth map
  • Format a choropleth map

Topic 3 – Custom Choropleth

  • Define SVG
  • Define choropleth SVG requirements
  • Create a choropleth SVG
  • Assign color ranges to an SVG


Knowledge Managers


To be successful, students should have completed these courses:

  • What is Splunk?
  • Intro to Splunk
  • Intro to Knowledge Objects
  • Intro to Dashboards
  • Using Fields
  • Visualizations
  • Search Optimization


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For groups of three or more

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APAC Singapore - Virtual

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    $ 500.00 USD

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