Splunk Certified Instructor Workshop

Splunk Certified Instructor Workshop

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This workshop focuses on the guidelines for instruction at Splunk. Major topics include responsibilities of a Splunk Certified Instructor, an overview of Splunk products and suites, and processes for setting up and successfully teaching a Splunk course. Through group discussions and practice teaches, participants will see how to effectively apply common learning theories to virtual and in-person instruction. Please note that this workshop is a hands-on, discussion-based course, and as such requires active participation from all attendees.


5 Days


Day 1 (1/2 Day)

  • Module 1 - Instructor responsibilities
  • Module 2 - Splunk Products and Solutions

Day 2

  • Module 2 - Splunk Products and Solutions (cont.)
  • Module 3 - Class Lifecycle
  • Module 4 - Teaching Techniques to Promote Learning

Day 3

  • Module 4 - Teaching Techniques to Promote Learning (cont.)
  • Module 5 - Instructions Domains
  • Module 6 - Classroom and Virtual Techniques

Day 4

  • Instructor Teaching test

Day 5 (1/2 Day)

  • Instructor Teaching test (cont.)
  • Wrap-up

Note: In a virtual format this class will be delivered as 5 days, 4.5 hours per day


  • In order to understand prerequisites, including how to register for the SCI Workshop or to join the SCI program please email education_sci@splunk.com

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