Implementing Splunk SmartStore 8.1

Implementing Splunk SmartStore 8.1

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This 1-virtual day course is designed for the experienced Splunk system administrators. This hands-on class is designed to provide the essential knowledge for deploying and managing Splunk SmartStore.
It covers SmartStore deployment options, cache manager configurations, monitoring, and troubleshooting of SmartStore implementation.


  • Introduction to SmartStore
  • Standalone SmartStore Implementation
  • SmartStore in Indexer Cluster
  • Monitoring and managing SmartStore


4.5 hours


Module 1 – Introduction to SmartStore
  • Benefits of SmartStore
  • SmartStore requirements and restrictions
  • Indexing in SmartStore
  • Searching in SmartStore

Module 2 – Standalone SmartStore Implementation
  • Enabling SmartStore indexes
  • Bootstrapping SmartStore indexes
  • Validating the implementation

Module 3 – SmartStore in Indexer Cluster
  • Implementation differences between deployments
  • SmartStore in an indexer cluster
  • SmartStore migration in indexer clusters

Module 4 – Monitoring and managing SmartStore
  • Monitoring SmartStore
  • Monitoring SmartStore activites
  • Cache manager settings
  • Optimizing eviction policies



  • Splunk Enterprise System Administration
  • Splunk Enterprise Data Administration

Strongly recommended:

  • Troubleshooting Splunk Enterprise
  • Working knowledge of:
    • Linux OS commands
    • Editing files with vi or nano
    • Splunk index life-cycle and bucket transitions
    • Splunk indexer cluster concept


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