Developing Phantom 4.1 Playbooks

Developing Phantom 4.1 Playbooks

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This two virtual-day course prepares IT and security practitioners to plan, design, create and debug playbooks for Phantom.


  • Automation best practices
  • The visual playbook editor
  • Using actions and decisions
  • Using action results
  • Testing and debugging playbooks
  • User interaction
  • Direct code editing
  • Output formatting
  • Complex logic
  • Interacting with artifacts
  • Using the vault in a playbook
  • Custom lists
  • External REST APIs





2 Days


Module 1 – Basic Playbooks

  • Understand automation best practices
  • Use the visual playbook editor
  • Use actions and decisions
  • Process action results
  • Test new playbooks

Module 2 – User Interaction

  • Interact with users during playbook execution
  • Format outputs

Module 3 – Advanced Playbooks

  • Complex logic
  • Calling other playbooks
  • Working with artifacts and files

Module 4 – Custom Code

  • Edit the global block
  • Use custom functions
  • Using callbacks and scheduled actions

Module 5 – Custom Lists

  • Custom list concepts
  • Create custom lists
  • Access lists from playbooks

Module 6 – REST API

  • External REST API concepts
  • Use authentication tokens
  • Format query strings
  • Access custom lists via REST
  • Create containers and artifacts via REST
  • Running actions and playbooks via REST
  • REST importers





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