Use Case Videos

Splunk use case videos give users a practical approach to investigating and solving specific problems within their networks. These videos are particularly helpful to beginner and intermediate users, giving them actionable examples that they can start using today.


Use Case - Detecting Unencrypted Web Communications

Using Splunk to find unencrypted web communications that could lead to a data breach.

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Use Case - Detecting Network and Port Scanning

How to use Splunk with firewall logs to detect hosts that are running network and port scans.

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Use Case - Detecting Brute Force Attacks

This use case video shows how to use Windows security logs to find possible brute force attacks on your network.

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Use Case - Detecting Recurring Malware on Host

Using anti-virus logs to detect if malware is recurring on a host after being removed.

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Use Case - Finding Large Web Uploads

How to use Splunk with proxy data to find large file uploads that could point to data exfiltration in your network.

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Use Case - Checking for Windows Audit Log Tampering

Use case video giving an example of how to use Splunk to check for any tampering done to Windows audit logs.

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