Splunk User Foundations Instructor-on-Demand Subscription

Follow these steps to register for a Subscription Class.

A splunk.com account is required in order to access the subscription classes. The links below will direct you to our login page where you can sign in or create an account as needed.

  1. Splunk recommends only registering for one Instructor-on-Demand (IOD) class at a time. Click below to register for the course of your choice.
  2. Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions and check the box. Click "Register".
  3. Don't worry if a price shows here! Review the details on the page and, when ready, click "Checkout". You will be prompted to login. If you do not have a Splunk.com account, you can create one from the next screen.
  4. After login, you should see the price crossed out. If not, either your company does not have an active subscription or your account does not use an approved email domain.
  5. Click "Confirm Order". Your registration will automatically be confirmed and you can launch the class immediately!

TROUBLESHOOTING: Should you experience problems when creating your splunk.com account, please try clearing your cache and cookies, using a different browser, and/or disconnecting from VPN/using a different network.