Welcome to the Splunk Education Portal!

Need some help finding your way around? Please check out the tips below!

  • Logging In:

    Click the person icon at the top right of the screen (above the green Free Splunk button). If you see "My Account", you are already logged in! Otherwise, click login and use your existing Splunk.com credentials. If you do not have a Splunk.com account, create one from the login page
  • Viewing Enrollments/Registrations:

    After logging in, click the "My Account" button. You will land in the "My Learning" section and can filter your view as follows:
    • Current: Shows all upcoming and active self-paced registrations
    • Completed: Shows all completed classes
    • All: shows both current and completed enrollments
  • Getting a Certificate of Completion:

    After logging in, click the "My Account" button then go to "Awards".
  • Registering for a class:

    See How to Enroll.